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I/U tip (2/ 50 pieces per order, total 100 grams per length)

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✵I/U tip Extensions come in your choice of 10 colors please make sure to indicate your color choice at check out 

U-Tipped fusion hair extensions have a nail-like end which are heated and wrapped around strands of your own hair. The highest grade Italian keratin creates a generous bond that blends perfectly with your natural hairstyle. Beautifully made from pure virgin human hair.

I-Tip human hair extensions offers a unique way to apply hair extensions and feature a lightweight feel with natural movement. All our I-Tip hair extensions are made with 100% Virgin human hair with the cuticle-intact;; this means they better retain moisture, cause less breakage, and have a longer lifespan. I-Tip hair extensions are a permanent extension solution applied with individual copper beads and silicone-lining for a strong grip. See how our I-Tip human hair extensions can help you create a new volumized and luscious look for your hair. Azurre Hair can provide high-quality hair enhancement products and innovative solutions for all your hair extension needs.

*** U-tipped fusion extensions can only be applied using a heating tool to melt the keratin. ... Typical I-tipped hair extensions are attached to your hair using a Micro-Ring process that involves pulling your hair through a small metal loop in the extension base.***